Tree Service – Does It Really Matter?

There are two common types of tree service companies. One is the big brand name service that comes in a truck with big trucks, expensive equipment, and labor costs. The other is a local neighborhood service that is really no more than a shared garage. There is also the third type which is not for small yards or homeowners at all.

To start with a simple story, I once lived in this neighborhood where a woman wanted to get rid of her under-appreciated tree. Her husband was upset about the cost to remove it and he went around to the neighbors to let them know that she was removing the tree and had to pay for it. The neighbors knew that the owner had no money to do it and they all said that he was a good man, and they had helped him out many times before.

Anyway, the next day, my neighbor called me and said that the house I lived in had just gone up for sale and the family was moving out. The guy told me that his wife was paying for the removal, as they needed to be able to have their own space. My neighbor told me that she had found a local service that would do the job for very little money.

So she hired them and they came in and took out a tree that she didn’t even have to move at all. I felt really good that this lady was so nice, but how many people out there feel the same way? It is said that such great individuals would try to take advantage of others.

The second one is the homeowner’s neighborhood service. The value of the wood is dependent on a few things: what type of wood it is, what kind of tools and how much maintenance it needs. Some people may say that only certain types of trees can be cut down because of safety reasons, but what about the value of the wood if it is not protected?

One might think that the homeowner should do it since they have a neighbor’s own lumber and nothing to do with it. It makes sense and it is probably true, but there are other advantages. How do you think the public feels when they see that they can sell their hard-earned wood and not do anything about it?

The above story is not meant to be an excuse, but more of a warning. Small homeowners are often a threat to those who are out to make profits.

So what are some of the reasons why it is always better to have no tree removal or tree service at all? First, it is wrong to charge people a lot of money, especially in a good economy. Second, you don’t want to spend a lot of money to clear a yard when there are cheaper alternatives. And finally, if you choose the wrong tree service, your neighbors will never know about it and that may cost you something.

If you want to cut a large tree down, there are a few things to consider. You don’t want to cut it too short, because it will fall over without any protection. Also, don’t cut it too high because it may end up coming back, or in the case of power cutting, you may kill the tree.

When a person does not have enough privacy, there are a couple of things to consider. You may want to cut the tree down completely, but leave the stump behind so that the public will see that you were only doing it for the best of your tree. Then you can sell it as scrap lumber or as an ornamental plant for someone who can afford it. Also, the stump or limb can be planted in your yard or put in your back yard and a path made to help you and your family enjoy it.

Finally, don’t worry, the public involvement will not turn into everyone complaining about it. Eventually, that will end as more people realize that they are not always getting what they need from these services.

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